Your staff is hands-down, the most effective tool you have to grow your list because they can personally introduce the program to customers, answer questions, and encourage an on-the-spot sign up.


Above all, make staff involvement mandatory. They may be naturally resistant to “marketing”. However, properly explained and backed up with training, fun contests, and monitoring, your VIP club should be viewed by staff as a critical enabler to recognize your good fans – as well as paying their salaries. Remember – Repeat customers are the difference between success and failure.

Your job is to take the time to continually reinforce the details of your VIP club and how it works. Provide:

  • A complete introduction to the program: why you are doing it, how it works, and what offers are involved. Employees can’t sell anything unless they believe in it and know how to do it.
  • A SIMPLE and CLEAR 2 sentence script of the key benefits that fans get from your VIP club.
  • Samples of the type of offers that may be included in the program.
  • How frequent you’ll send offers.
  • An explanation of how a fan can subscribe. The easiest way to do this is to have staff members enroll themselves.
  • How to opt out (at any time).
  • Rehearse it, role-play, and monitor with staff until it becomes second nature.
  • Amp up the excitement by having staff compete for a prize.
  • Create a staff competition to see who (or what shift, or even what location) can get the most sign-ups.
  • Keep a chalk board where staff can keep tally on the honor system.

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