An increasing number of small businesses are accepting credit cards. In fact, cash-only establishments are becoming more the exception than the rule. As a food truck owner, you may believe you’re immune to the credit card trend. Making this mistake in thinking might almost be as disastrous as a burger with no fries.

In a 2012, Javelin Strategy and Research reported that only 27% of customers use cash at the point of sale, a number that is expected to drop even lower to 23% by 2015. Do you want your truck to be off limits to over three-quarters of your potential customers just because they don’t happen to have cash? We are moving towards a plastic society, don’t let your truck get left in the dust.

The Cost of Credit Card Processing

If you have actually toyed with the idea of getting a credit card processor, you may have been intimidated by “swipe fees” but you shouldn’t be! You are basically charged a 2 to 3% fee each time a purchase is made; or you can pay a flat monthly fee and get reduced per-swipe fees. The funds go right into your bank account, and with some card readers, customers can even use their smartphones to make the purchase (talk about instant). Since you’re currently used to taking cash only and keeping every penny, these fees might feel a little like taking distasteful medicine. However, it can taste a little more like your Special of the Day if you think about how many cash-averse customers you are gaining!

The Juicy Benefits

We’ve covered convenience to the customer and cost, but what about how accepting credit and debit cards can prove to be an advantage specifically to a food truck business? Using a credit card processor is fast and efficient. No more fumbling for change while you’re simultaneously flipping a burger. Credit cards are downright easier to deal with in a fast-paced, sometimes food-covered environment.

Safety First

At the literal end of the day, you will probably be thankful that most of your transactions are via plastic. That means less cash to lug to the bank. What’s more, it makes you significantly less vulnerable to crime. What would be worse: losing a handful of credit card receipts or a box of cash?

Or: What are the chances that a customer will touch their bacteria infested cash and then touch your food, get food poisoning and blame you? If you really think about it, the odds are against you, unless you believe they all wash their hands before they touch your specially-made taco.

Disappointed, hungry people have probably walked away from your truck when they learned about your current “cash-only” policy. Think about how many more customers would flock to your truck if you displayed a sign saying, “We accept credit and debit cards!” That alone might be reason enough to take the plunge into 21st-century business practices.

Quick Solution

So, what are you waiting for? Be the truck everyone’s swarming to because of convenience, great food, and that smile on your face. Find out how to rock the town.

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