Cinco de Mayo, or “May 5th” in Spanish, celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In many Mexican cities and in the U.S., 5 de Mayo means FIESTA. Here’s three ways to boost sales on this happy holiday:


3. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Ramp up those posts, pictures, and videos! Add 5 de mayo specials to make your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages loco. You’ll also be training customers to turn to you for fun times.

2. Dos, Tres, Cuatro: “5 de Mayo Eve”

Start the party early by celebrating “Cinco de Mayo Eve”! Your loyal customers will enjoy the opportunity to celebrate with exclusive drink and appetizer specials on the days leading up to the holiday. Encourage your staff to invite them back for Monday’s big event, and make it an offer they just CAN’T refuse.

1. Guac, Cerveza and Sombreros!

Get creative and host a cookout complete with traditional Mexican dishes, games and cerveza! Hire a mariachi band for entertainment, or go loco with a Latin DJ. Have fun games and prizes like extra discounts or free margaritas for those who participate.

Feliz 5 De Mayo!

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