Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to dine out, and an equally important gifting occasion. So even a little planning can pay off. Whether you’re a restaurant, salon, or boutique, we’ve got tips to inspire you.

Offer Reasonable Prices

Regardless of your type of business, you’re competing with millions of small businesses for your share of the holiday’s profits. One way to entice customers into choosing your business this Sunday is by offering fair prices.

Freebies & Flowers for Mom

Make every mom feel welcome by offering them a small gift. Consider a free drink or menu item for food service, or a “moms only!” special offer. If you can’t afford roses, try inexpensive carnations and hand one out to customers at the door with warm wishes for a happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Décor

Some simple decorations can go a long way in transforming your business’ regular décor into a Mother’s Day oasis. Think spring pastels, floral designs, and other elements that evoke Mother’s Day to your customers.

Tips for e-Commerce

If you’re an e-Store, research what customers are shopping for online and list these items in a separate Mother’s Day category at the top of the list. Even if you don’t sell items normally associated with the holiday like flowers, maybe you sell floral-themed apparel? Also, save shoppers time by making a Mother’s Day bundle.

Connect with Customers Online

If you’re active on social media channels, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to connect personally with your customers and tap into a younger audience. Try creating a Facebook event asking customers to RSVP, tweet it to your followers, and post pictures of your Mother’s Day specials to Instagram. They’ll appreciate the reminder and it may even bring in some fresh faces.

Email Customers an Invitation to your Mother’s Day Event

If you use email marketing, don’t assume customers know about your Mother’s Day discount, special, or brunch menu. Zero in on those last-minute shoppers in the email’s subject line by telling them exactly what you want them to do. For example, “Call Now for Mother’s Day Reservations” or “Send Mom a Bouquet – Order Now!”

More Tips