One of the best tools in any small business’ marketing toolkit is an active, healthy customer email list. Email marketing campaigns can quickly boost your revenues, but for many owners building a list is a daunting task. As inboxes overflow and customers grow wary of unwanted communication, good marketers should build lists with care and relevant content in mind. Luckily, there are several effective methods for responsibly starting and growing an email list whether your customers are in-store or online.

The fish bowl

A time-tested way of collecting customer contact info is the fish bowl and sign up form at the counter. It’s a no-pressure method of allowing interested customers to join your email list without prodding from you or your staff, and can even be as simple as a pen and notepad with “Join our Email List” written at the top.

Use an online sign up form

If you’re a Groovv Offers customer, it’s easy to collect email and/or mobile customer contact info online. Place links to your online sign up form on your website, Facebook and Twitter – or anywhere you market online – so customers can join your list(s). Include an email welcome offer to drive more sign ups.

Ask customers directly at the POS

For retail and quick-service restaurants, simply asking callers or in-store patrons for their contact information is a proven and direct technique for growing your list. In order to maximize the number of customers who share their info, it’s very important that you (or your staff):

  • Ask each customer for their email address as a part of the transaction.
  • Clearly explain the benefits of joining your list. For example, “If you join our email list, we’ll email you a special welcome offer and send you exclusive updates and specials.”
  • Let them know exactly what they can expect for both content and frequency. Tell them, “We’ll only send you valuable, relevant offers and updates, and no more than once a week”(best practice).
  • Repeat their email address back to them to prevent spelling errors.
  • Ask for it on the credit card receipt. When a customer is signing their credit card receipt, ask them to include their email address.

Once you’ve started your email list, creating professional-looking emails with Groovv Offers is a snap, with eight different offer types, dozens of themes, and hundreds of headlines to choose from. Publish offers to your email list, mobile list, Facebook, Twitter, and even your website – all with the click of a button. Send an Offer today.

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