It is extremely beneficial to have a tablet POS, such as Groovv, that allows you to manage inventory.

Say you run a small market and one busy morning you get a shipment of 5 boxes of red apples that your business has never sold before, how will you input that efficiently into your back office?

Well, below is a 3 – step process on how to add new items once you’re logged into your Groovv back office.

  1. Click on the “Maintenance” tab on the top center bar
  2. Select “Inventory Items” on the left – side bar
  3. Hit the “New Item” button

Voila! When you see the screen below, you’ll be ready to add your new items!

Once you have added your new items, you’ll be able to see them listed under the department you’ve assigned them to.

We hope we’ve helped you in the process of adding your new items!

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