There are many things needed for a successful hair salon. While location, amenities and talent are all large factors that need to be addressed, too many people overlook other details.

In fact, one of the best ways to make a profit is to enhance the overall credit card processing system for your salon.  After all, if customers cannot pay easily, then salons are not making money easily.

In order to improve your salon’s overall payment processing, consider these five tips.

  1. Tips by credit. Many hair stylists and beauticians rely on tips to fill out their paycheck. If a stylist cannot make enough money in tips, they may be forced to look elsewhere for work. In order to retain stylists, it is important to make tipping as easy as possible for consumers. While some consumers will always want to use cash, others may be using credit or debit options. For these customers, a cash tip may simply not be part of the plan. Therefore, salons should allow tips to be added to a credit card bill. This is a common practice in other industries, wherein customers can specify the tip amount before signing off on their final bill.


  2. Mobile technology. Everything is mobile these days, including payment processing. For hair salons, mobility can make it easier than ever for customers to pay. By using tablets or mobile POS processors, stylists can finalize the bill before their customers even get out of their chairs. This can minimize any crowding or lines at the front of the salon, thereby streamlining the overall flow of the salon to maximize its comfort.


  3. No exclusions. Hair salons work hard to provide individualized styles for their customers. Therefore, they should work hard to offer individualized payment processing as well. Some customers will always prefer cash. Others will rely on credit while some may use debit exclusively. Therefore, it is important to have a payment processing system that can handle everything. This includes as many payment types as possible and as many brands of credit cards as possible.


  4. Purchase tracking. Updated payment processing systems not only make it easier for customers to pay, but they can actually enhance your understanding of your consumers’ habits. Now it is possible to track purchases from customers in order to see business trends. With purchase tracking, it is easy to see what is working and what is not working. This information can help dictate future promotions in order to maximize future business.


  5. Invest in security. As payment processing gets more advanced, it also becomes more lucrative for criminals. More people than ever use credit or debit to pay for salon appointments, which means your payment processing system has access to some of their most sensitive financial data. It is essential to fully protect your consumers by investing in good security. The best way to do this is with a high quality end-to-end encryption system, which protects financial data from the moment a card is scanned to the time it is approved.

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