Increasingly, small business owners are singing the praises of mobile credit card reading solutions. These readers are very easy to use and can be inserted into a laptop, tablet or smartphone, allowing plastic to be read and accepted from anywhere. With their ease of use, low cost and incredible convenience, they are becoming the rule rather than the exception in countless owner-operated enterprises across the country and around the world.

They also enable nontraditional merchants to sell their wares in whatever location works best for them. Whether it is a farmer’s market or a craft fair, a nutrition club or an in-home enterprise, mobile solutions enable an entrepreneur to accept payments on the go. Best of all, it is not necessary for a businessperson to tote an unwieldy credit card processing terminal around. Finally, customers seem to appreciate the modern, streamlined process that mobile card readers enable.

Types of Card Swipers
There are several players who have been at the forefront of the mobile processing arena, including Groovv. Groovv is backed by Total Merchant Services, which has emerged as a leader in the merchant bankcard business. As this market continues to expand and appeal to new businesses, many have created their own proprietary card readers. Recently, online retailing giant Amazon and arts and crafts seller Etsy have also thrown their hats into the mobile reader ring.

This marks a new type of trend of individualized processing power on a per company level, rather than a mobile processor integrates with multiple types of payment solutions. While loyalty may be increased through the use of these specific card readers, it does limit the flexibility of the business forcing them to be tied to only one online store rather than being able to process transactions anywhere – from different websites online or even in a brick-and-mortar store. However, the continued embracing of these solutions by businesses both small and large suggests that these portable, inexpensive and streamlined devices are rapidly becoming a fixture.

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