Whether you own a restaurant, a beauty salon, a florist or gift shop or any other type of retail business, one of your most important concerns needs to be how you receive payments from your customers. Without a doubt, the smoother this process goes for you and for the people buying your products or using your services, the happier you, your staff and your customers will be.

This seamless payment system does not just happen automatically. No matter how intuitive it seems, both you and your staff must become experts in its use—and that includes trouble-shooting. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind as you roll out your new integrated Groovv point of sale system:

Customer Service Is Key

As an entrepreneur who interacts with the public every day, you already know that it is essential to provide optimal service to your customers. You answer their questions, solve their problems and make suggestions. In short, you build a relationship that keeps them coming back. Keep in mind that it is just as crucial to employ these strategies during the check-out process. After all, when Mrs. Smith walks out your door, you want her last impression to be a positive one. Make her purchasing experience as quick and effortless as it can be. With Groovv, there are many ways that her customer experience can be brought to the next level, which will help to increase brand loyalty and customer retention. Groovv makes it even easier to quickly ring up a product as it hold thousands of inventory items that can easily be found as they are grouped together in departments. If she received a coupon on Facebook or text message via Groovv offers, the discount can quickly and easily be redeemed at the register. Once the transaction is complete, Mrs. Smith can choose to have her receipt emailed to her if she is in a hurry and don’t want to wait for a paper receipt. All of these time saving methods will help to ensure that each customer has the best, most efficient check out process at your establishment.

Learn About Your POS Equipment

Now that you have taken the exciting step to make Groovv your integrated payment solution, it’s time to learn more about its capabilities and how it actually works. Once you do, you can communicate these facts to your staff. Totally wireless, Groovv enables you to use your tablet or mobile phone in conjunction with card processing software. This system allows you to accept payments from wherever you are. Whether it’s on your own sales floor or at a trade show miles away from your headquarters, Groovv has you covered. What’s more, if you don’t want to use a phone or a tablet for accepting your payments, Groovv also offers an all-in-one POS solution. To get familiar with your new processing system, take a minute to review Groovv’s robust training program and make sure you know all there is to know about all of Groovv’s features. Our training program will introduce you to everything from getting comfortable with each item of Groovv’s equipment to our reporting system, which gives you the ability to analyze data for effective inventory management and sales reports. 

Practice Makes Perfect

In the beginning process of figuring out the many features of your Groovv POS system, it almost goes without saying that you and your staff will make some mistakes. After all, that’s a necessary part of the learning process. Even so, you can’t afford to have one of these essential learning moments occur when you are in the check-out process with one of your customers. A better solution is to make practice runs when the public is not present. Include your staff in these sessions and ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of how to use the POS system, the payments accepted, and how the sales tracking works. The Groovv interface is very user-friendly and your employees should be able to catch on to the checkout process quickly.

Communication is one of the foundations of any business you are running. That means establishing a rapport with your customers, but it also involves including staff in learning what they need to know to make everything run smoothly. Once your staff training process is completed, all of you should know forward and backwards how to transact all types of payments. Then you can open for business, secure in the knowledge that you have done all you can to prepare.

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