As you know, getting a new customer in the door is no small task. In fact, it’s a pretty big one. What’s just as important is securing repeat business from these same customers and building a long-standing relationship with them. This is why loyalty programs can be an important tool in growing your company. But what do you know about how they work?

In the days before electronic communication, businesses used to buy mailing lists and send out direct mail pieces in the hopes that they’d reach their target audience. It was a slow, cumbersome and inexact science. Now companies can leverage technology to hit the right customers with the right information with just a click of a button. Groovv Offers from Total Merchant Services allows customers to opt in to hear about specific promotions as they happen – whether via email, text or social media. With this, business owners are hitting the business bullseye every time and developing loyalty with their customers.

But to make a program truly successful, it’s also important to track what offers work, what don’t and why. This is why Groovv Offers has a real-time dashboard. It allows businesses to see how their promotions are performing as they happen. All of this contributes to driving repeat business and securing loyal customers, the end goal for any company.

With Easter, Mother’s Day and high school/college graduations just around the corner, there will be no shortage of shoppers looking for deals. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity by reaching out to these customers and build a long-term relationship with them. Groovv Offers is the perfect platform to do so.

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