Have you ever made purchases at a retail store where POS tablet checkout systems were used? What was your initial reaction? If you are like the majority of customers, you were probably impressed with the speed and fluidity of the procedure. You may well also have been grateful that you were able to move quickly through the buying process and out the door. Had someone interviewed you immediately after this experience, you most likely would have had many positive things to say.


Now, think about how this same POS system could benefit your own retail store. Ask yourself why you haven’t taken the plunge. What are you afraid of? What’s stopping you?

Logic is probably telling you that making the transition to a tablet POS system has many advantages. First and foremost, it’s less cumbersome. Groovv register is an all-in-one device that replaces your traditional cash register and credit card terminal to make the check out process more efficient. The register integrates a cash box, tablet, and card swiper into one easy to use piece of equipment that any retailer can benefit from. Trade shows, farmers markets and estate sales are just a few of the places you can sell your products using a POS tablet.

Run Your Retail Store More Efficiently

Your POS system will make running your business easier. After a busy day of sales, you can use it to instantaneously bring up a report of the inventory you sold. No longer will you need to do manual counting or sort through a drawer full of receipts.

Your system also brings you closer to your customers in several different ways. Of course, most people enjoy the speed of the purchase process, but that’s not all. Your POS system enables you to email buyers’ receipts directly to them, eliminating those pesky printer ink disasters. When customers provide you with a way to communicate with them electronically, they can stay in touch with your store and remain in the know about all of your future promotions and events via Groovv Offers. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Finally, there is that elusive quantity called customer perception. As more and more retailers move away from the clunkier cash register POS options, those merchants who remain loyal to them will begin to look a wee bit outdated. It won’t be long before the old-fashioned systems will be as jarring to a customer as it would be to see someone using a manual typewriter instead of a desktop or laptop.

As a 21st century retailer, you need to roll with the technological changes that are constantly occurring. When you do, your customers will see you as flexible and relevant, and that signifies long-term stability. As a business owner, conveying that elusive quality is one of the main ingredients in your recipe for long-term success. What are you waiting for? Take a chance, make the very affordable investment and begin to reap the benefits of a tablet POS system. The rewards won’t be long in coming.

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