Today’s POS terminal is more than just a cash register – it’s technology to help you grow and manage your business. That’s why we offer Groovv – a POS solution that offers everything from mobile marketing to integrated payments to inventory management. Over the next three weeks, we’re going to go into greater detail about many of the benefits of using Groovv. Today, we’ll focus on data mining and as part of Groovv’s mobile marketing solution.

Data mining might seem like a funny term, but it’s a critical practice for SMBs looking to leverage technology to grow their business. In short, data mining is using information you’ve collected (in your case, purchasing patterns of customers) and using it to predict or encourage future shopping habits. This, of course, can drive sales and increase customer loyalty. It’s sort of an advanced version of market research.

For example, if the data your business collects shows customers are more likely buy a particular item when they receive a coupon, you can issue that coupon electronically through Groovv via email, text or social media. Likewise you can use the data mining capabilities of Groovv’s real-time dashboard to find out if your promotions aren’t driving sales and make changes as needed. This is a real timesaver for businesses and will help get more customers in the door.

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Next week: Using your POS for inventory management.

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