Stop and take a look at your humble POS system. It has served you well over the years processing the payments of your customers and making the buying process run smoothly time and time again. What could possibly be antiquated about this constantly relied-upon workhorse? Read on to find out why you might want to retire your POS in favor of a younger model.

Increase Your Revenue

In recent years, the advent of mobile technology has made POS systems infinitely more portable and flexible. Now that you can use tablets and cell phones combined with POS readers and inexpensive apps to process payments, you and your sales force don’t need to be chained behind a cash register. You can cash out a customer anywhere in the store – or miles away at a trade show or farmer’s market, for that matter. If your eatery can accept payments faster and more efficiently with your POS system for restaurants, that means you can serve more customers and make more money.

Enhance Customer Experience

A streamlined payment experience makes no one as happy as it does your customers. The sooner people can get the tedious and somewhat unpleasant act of parting with their money over with, the happier they will be. By using a POS system that lets people cash out anywhere in the store or with greater ease at the register, you will be creating more satisfied guests who are more likely to want to return and bring their friends, too.

Reward Customer Loyalty

Special offers associated with loyalty programs are designed to make a “one-time” customer a “repeat” customer. Isn’t it nice to get a free cup of coffee or a discount on a purchase just because you are loyal? A lot of businesses are using two POS platforms; one to process payments and another to run their customer rewards program. But why use two when one will do the job?

Today’s POS systems let you keep track of your customers and give you mechanisms to easily set up loyalty programs that will keep them coming back. Many a café and bistro has its restaurant POS systems to thank for its return customers. It’s a win-win situation: your customers will return to your establishment to accumulate or cash in rewards while you continue to build a relationship with them and overall increase your bottom line. Wouldn’t you like to jump on that bandwagon?

Sure, your existing POS has done a great job for you, but time has moved on. Modern systems can take your business to a new level at low cost and with minimal effort on your part. While upgrading might seem like a big headache, in the end it probably will alleviate many of the pitfalls inherent in the day-to-day running of any business.

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